Saturday, January 9, 2016

Throwback 200 years to 1816, part one

The year 2016 is both a birthday for the town of Logan, Ohio, which turns 200, and a birthday for Fox’s Hocking Hills Canoe Livery, which turns 20.  Our Throwback series takes a peek back to those times.


 It was 200 hundred years ago...

...when the town of Logan, Ohio was established.  It was born from the mill on the Hocking River, grew up on coal, iron ore, and clay, and continues a fruitful life with the addition of the tourism industry that has accompanied the admiration and appreciation for the scenic beauty of the region.

Certainly the founding of the town could be considered an important event that happened that year, but there are other notable happenings back in 1816.

To put it into perspective for you:

    5th president James Monroe
    James Monroe
  • James Monroe, considered a founding father of our country, defeats Rufus King, to win his second term as the fifth President of the United States.
  •  Abraham Lincoln moved from Kentucky to Indiana... at age 7.
  • Napoleon was spending his first year in exile on Saint Helena after losing at Waterloo.
  • Indiana is admitted as the 19th state.
  • Columbus Ohio becomes the state capital, a town which did not even exist just a few years earlier.
  • Due to bad weather in Switzerland, Mary Shelly writes “Frankenstein”.
  • The Stethoscope is invented.
  • The modern metronome is invented.
  • A gallon of milk in Boston costs about 16 cents.
  • The average wage of a worker in Philadelphia was about 41 cents a day.
  • The White House sat unoccupied as reconstruction from the burning of Washington in 1814 was being completed.
  • Remington & Sons is founded, becoming one of the nations top arms producers.
  • There were a million slaves in America.
  • Most notably,  1816 was the year without a summer. 
Read more in our follow up installment Throwback 200 years to 1816 part two: The Year without summer   

1816 a year without summer


 Logan Ohio's Bicentennial Celebration
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